Klášter Zašová
Klášter Zašová
Klášter Zašová
Mobilní hra Příběh trinitáře
Mobilní hra Příběh trinitáře
New game for you
Hra začíná před KD Zašová
Game starts in front of Culture Centre in Zasova
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Full of animations
vyzkoušíte prvky rozšířené reality
Experience augmented reality elements
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Geo game

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The two-year project is over

On 30 April we successfully completed a project supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Funds. The main objective of the project was to increase the attractiveness of the unique cultural heritage of the Trinitarian monastery in the village of Zašová through an innovative form of presentation of the monument. The main output of the project is a digital mobile game with augmented reality, which aims to introduce visitors to the Trinitarian Order, its history and influence on the local region in a playful and innovative way. In addition, cultural and educational activities were also carried out and marketing tools were created to improve the presentation of the project. You can read about how everything came about and what experiences we took away from the project and want to share further in the final...

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Seminar “Innovative Use of Cultural Heritage” in Norway

The municipality of Zašová organized a seminar entitled "Innovative Use of Cultural Heritage" on 7 February 2024 in Oslo, Norway, which took place within the project "Innovative Use of Cultural Heritage of the Trinitarian Monastery in Zašová" with the support of the EEA Grants 2014-2021. The seminar took place in the conference rooms of the City Box Hotel in Oslo, and representatives of embassies, organisations representing the Czech Republic, heritage sites and animation companies were invited. ...

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Exchange of good practice in Norway – preparation

Next week is marked by a sightseeing trip of the Czech working team to Oslo. We are planning a seminar for the public in cooperation with our Norwegian partners, in which we will present the origin of the play, its functioning and, last but not least, the history of the monastery and the Trinitarians and the importance of restoring this monument. We will definitely play at least one mobile game in the city to maybe improve ours. Read more

The repaired monastery wall and the mysterious stone from 1772

  Thanks to the care of the municipality of Zašová and with the support of a subsidy, the old stone wall in the monastery garden was repaired. The reconstruction also included the rebuilding of the gate that had collapsed a long time ago. Although there was a natural desire to preserve the historic appearance of the whole structure, this was not always, everywhere and to the full extent possible. For example, the wall was broken in two places during the reconstruction because of the massive lime trees that grew in close proximity to the wall and were pushing out and breaking down the original wall with their roots and ever-growing trunks. The lime trees were given priority, the wall was not rebuilt in these places. The repair of the wall is therefore not a perfect return to the original appearance of the building, but it has been possible to save the wall from total disintegration. After the restoration, the mysterious stone with the Trinitarian emblem and the year 1772 (no...

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Příběh cesty za svobodou Triniáře

Story Trinitarians

A geolocation game with augmented reality elements

1-2 hours of fun

free for Android and iOS

2 km route suitable for stroller and dog

designed for players aged 8 and up

1. pick up your smartphone

The game works on both Android and iOS operating systems.

2. download the app

Download the app "Zašová - The Trinitarian Story" here.

3. go on a journey

The Trinitarian's Story will get you out of your chair and give you both a pleasant walk and a thrilling experience!

Where to find us

Zašová 45, 756 51 GPS:49.4784328N, 18.0423136E